Enter the details of your trip, dining preferences, and then select where you’d like to eat in Disney World. As you choose each restaurant, we dynamically calculate the estimated out of pocket costs you would incur if you did not use a dining plan. We also dynamically calculate the additional cost or potential savings for the four most popular dining plans - the Quick Service Plan, Disney Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan Plus, and the Deluxe Dining Plan. If you expand the details for each dining plan estimate, you’ll see exactly which restaurants to pay for out of pocket and which restaurants to pay for with the Disney Dining Plan.

  • Every person in the group will be eating at the same restaurant during each meal.
  • Every person in the group will be getting a drink for each meal.
  • Estimates are based on your entire group's eating habits, and not any one person in the group.
  • Meals that use 2 Table Service (TS) entitlements are broken down into a "cost per entitlement" value for the purpose of determining the best value against 1 TS entitlement meals.
  • A gratuity of 18% is added to the cost of all TS meals.
  • There is an average Quick Service (QS) restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to allow you to be more flexible in where you plan to eat a QS meal.
  • For the Annual Passholder discount, some restaurants only allow the discount for the passholder plus 3 guests. Currently, our calculations apply to all meals in the group regardless of the number of guests.
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